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January 17, 2021

Learning more about LINKZ

LINKZ is labeled as an "educational services company" because of the variety of services we have available for our clients. Over the next few weeks, our posts are going to be dedicated to explaining the services that we offer.  

WHO DO WE SERVE?: We work with students of all ages, and are not restricted to any age or grade level. If there comes a time when you feel your child could benefit from support beyond the classroom, LINKZ is an ideal place to start.

WHERE IS LINKZ?: LINKZ has a brand new office space in Columbia, MD and has a satellite office at the Greenspring Station (near Pikesville, MD). Due to COVID-19, many of our staff members are holding virtual sessions with their students; those who feel comfortable working at one of our offices follow strict CDC guidelines.

WHAT SERVICES DOES LINKZ OFFER?: LINKZ offers many services, including:

• Consultations & Diagnostics for Educational and Psychoemotional services

• Support for many areas, including advanced test preparation, Autism Spectrum Disorder, College & Career guidance, Dyslexia and Orton-Gillingham, Executive Functioning coaching, Homeschool implementation, S.T.E.M. studies, Summer/Winter/COVID-19 remediation and enrichment, and Virtual Learning assistance

WHO WORKS FOR LINKZ?: We are staffed with over 30 highly qualified educational professionals. If you want to know more about how our educators work to achieve our mission, visit WHO WE ARE.

As you can see, LINKZ is more than just a company. We are a family and we are happy to have you here!