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January 22, 2021

What We Do: Consultations & Diagnostics

We currently offer our evaluations online via Zoom and in our office (following the recommended CDC guidelines). Our Educational Diagnostician, Jennifer Wheat, will conduct a comprehensive evaluation specifically tailored to the needs of your child. 

Evaluations help to identify your child’s specific academic and psychoemotional strengths and weaknesses.

Now, maybe you are wondering if anxiety or depression is hindering your child’s success. This could be at home or in school - wherever you’re seeing an impact, we can offer an appropriate consultation.

Do you find yourself asking why your child can’t seem to remember what their homework is for the day, or why they’re forgetting to do something on the daily chore list? These types of “forgetful” moments fall into the category of Executive Functioning. And we can support that area as well!

Do you have a child in high school or college who’s getting ready to graduate? Are you wondering what their next step will be? Are they wondering what their next step is? LINKZ has helped many students navigate this time in their lives. Whether it’s applying for college, or support in your child finding a career, LINKZ can provide a plan.

Upon completion of our evaluations, an action plan will be provided for you. This plan will include an overview of results, and include any recommendations for support. Supports can be provided by one of our Academic Specialists and, if needed, referrals for psychoemotional services or other providers that meet your child’s specific needs.

Take a deep breath and know that you’ve found a resource that is going to change your family’s life for the better.

To schedule a consultation, you can email us at info@linkzedu.com, call us at 410.290.5955, or just click here!