Covid-19 Update (Delta Variant):

We continue to monitor the status of the COVID-19 Delta variant, and will follow CDC guidelines as they are released. We continue to offer all of our services virtually, including diagnostic evaluations, coaching, counseling, and tutoring services. Should you choose to resume working with us in our office, outdoors, or at your home, we pledge to take appropriate protective measures to ensure the safety of you and your family. For more information, please email us at Please continue to stay safe and connected!

What We Do

At LINKZ, we take pride in assisting students of all ages in a wide number of content areas.
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At LINKZ, we take pride in assisting students of all ages in a wide number of content areas.
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Getting Started:

Educational Diagnostics

*COVID-19 Update: We are now proud to offer our diagnostic evaluations online! Through the Zoom platform, our Educational Diagnostician is able to offer a battery of industry-standard assessments and evaluations. While there is uncertainty around schools resuming in the fall, know that we’re here to provide the same guidance, documentation, tutoring, and coaching services to keep your child academically on-track.

After an initial over-the-phone consultation, we’ll schedule you for an in-person assessment. Our Educational Diagnostician will walk you through the evaluation process and conduct industry-standard evaluations (see below). We will then construct a tailored action plan for your child. We’ll match your child with the tutors, counselors, and advocates who we think will spark the most effective results. Our 30+ Academic Specialists are highly trained, using both multi-sensory and personalized techniques. Our work is always one-on-one so you can be assured that your child is receiving the attention and care that they deserve. Whether you wish to meet at one of our offices, at your child’s school, or online via Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime, we’ll be there! For more information on any of the evaluations we use (we may use all of or parts of these evaluations) click on the links below:

Woodcock Johnson IV

Woodcock Reading Mastery Tests (WRMT-III)



Gray Oral Reading Tests (GORT-5)

Nelson-Denny Reading Test (NDRT)




Educational +
Psychoemotional Consultation

At LINKZ, we believe in addressing the interconnectedness of your child’s life: at school, at home, and socially. If you believe that anxiety, depression, or negative psychoemotional components may be affecting your child’s Executive Functioning skills, you and your family deserve to feel empowered with strategies, recommendations, and solutions. Following a two hour in-person or online consultation with your family, and using data collected from you and your child through state-of-the-art inventories, we provide customized reports that contain:

• Observations and qualitative data

• Data and interpretative analysis from BRIEF-2 and BRIEF-A Inventories

• A customized, step-by-step treatment plan that addresses both Executive Functioning and psychoemotional needs

• Recommendations for how you can support your child at home

• Referrals for psychoemotional services provided by professionals suited for your child’s location and specific needs

Executive Functioning

We are now proud to offer a consultation service that focuses exclusively on Executive Functioning! Following a 90 minute in-person or online consultation, and using data collected from you and your child through state-of-the-art inventories, we provide customized reports that contain:

• Observations and qualitative data

• Data and interpretative analysis from BRIEF-2 or BRIEF-A Inventories

• A customized, step-by-step treatment plan

• Recommendations for how you can support your child at home

College + Career

Choosing the right college is a delicate balancing act - considering finances, location, accommodations, programming, extracurriculars… the list goes on. We’re honored to have helped many students and their families find that perfect fit by researching schools and tailoring the results to your family.

For older students (either out of high school, still in college, or a recent college graduate), we’re happy to provide support in finding a career. We use industry-standard assessments (like MBTI + Strong and CliftonStrengths) to help determine possible career paths.

How We Can Help:

Advanced Test Prep

Few things elicit more stress than standardized tests, especially when coupled with learning differences. Thankfully, we’ve created dynamic, multi-sensory approaches for helping students conquer the “big day.” We’re proud to have prepared students for the following exams (and we’re always creating strategies for new exams!):

• AP

College + Career Support

In addition to providing SAT / ACT prep for your soon-to-be college student, we'd love to provide assistance with coursework, management, and/or Executive Functioning coaching. If your child attends one of the following universities (listed in no particular order), we can even provide on-campus assistance:

• University of Maryland, College Park • Towson University • Howard Community College • University of Maryland, Baltimore County • Bowie State University • Carroll Community College • Johns Hopkins University • Community College of Baltimore County • Goucher College • Loyola University Maryland • Salisbury University • Stevenson University • University of Baltimore •

If your new college enrollee attends an out-of-state university we’ll be happy to continue providing our services for them virtually. We’ve worked with students in California, Montana, New York, Connecticut, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Illinois, and beyond (even in Asia!).

When your student is ready, we're here to help with job searches, applications, resumes, cover letters, and interviewing skills.

Dyslexia + Orton-Gillingham

*LINKZ is now an official International Dyslexia Association provider! Click here to see our listings, and here to find out more information on what we offer as a provider.

LINKZ is passionate about and dedicated to helping students and individuals of all ages feel confident with reading. According to the International Dyslexia Association:

“About 13–14% of the school population nationwide has a handicapping condition that qualifies them for special education. Current studies indicate that one half of all the students who qualify for special education are classified as having a learning disability (LD)... About 85% of those students have a primary learning disability in reading and language processing. Nevertheless, many more people — perhaps as many as 15–20% of the population as a whole — have some of the symptoms of dyslexia, including slow or inaccurate reading, poor spelling, poor writing, or mixing up similar words. Not all of these will qualify for special education, but they are likely to struggle with many aspects of academic learning and are likely to benefit from systematic, explicit, instruction in reading, writing, and language.”‍‍

Many of our tutors are trained in the industry-standard Orton-Gillingham Phonological Awareness & Fluency Training program. Jennifer Wheat, our Educational Diagnostician, is a Certified Structured Literacy Dyslexia Interventionist (certified by the Center for Effective Reading Instruction (CERI) in conjunction with the International Dyslexia Association). For more information on dyslexia, please click here. Click on Decoding Dyslexia and CERI to learn more about each.

Executive Functioning Coaching

The prefrontal cortex is responsible for the executive functions of our brain - that is, the part of our mind that manages time, space, materials, and information. ADD and ADHD have been shown to play significant roles in diminishing executive functioning, which can drastically impact a student’s success in school:

“This study examined the predictive relations from symptoms of Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and executive functioning (EF) to social and school functioning... At high levels of symptoms of inattention, the poorer the EF, the greater the need for special education. At high levels of symptoms of hyperactivity/impulsivity, the poorer the EF, the higher the levels of physical aggression...”

- Impact of Executive Functioning and Symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder on Children's Peer Relations and School Performance

Fortunately, strategies and techniques have been developed to remediate the effects of executive dysfunction. Our tutors work multi-sensorily, allowing students to tap into other areas of their brain when faced with organizational tasks (which is why ADD/ADHD students are typically more creative!) If you’re interested in learning more about EF and how executive dysfunction can affect your child academically click here or here.

Homeschool Curriculum Implementation

Given the impact of COVID-19 on school systems, personalized instruction is more important than ever. At LINKZ, we're here to support your homeschooling needs; we can help plan, support, supplement, and implement any curriculum you apply for and receive from your county. Whether through the school system or through homeschool instruction, our mission is always to provide specialized, tailored, one-on-one education.

For more information on how to pick the right homeschool curriculum for your child, click here.

S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Medicine)

While our work with Reading, Writing, English, History, and other non-S.T.E.M. subjects is incredibly important to us, we believe S.T.E.M. subjects are vital to the future of society. We work with all levels of science and mathematics and have helped students effectively prepare for these (and other) exams and courses:


• ATI Nursing Exam

• CollegeBoard Accuplacer

• All AP Math, Science, & Computer Science Exams





• College Level Math, Science, Engineering, & Computer Science

Summer Remediation +

*COVID-19 Update: Research seems to indicate that, even with schools deploying remote learning services, we can expect an intense “summer slide”-like event this year. One of our primary goals at LINKZ is to mitigate the effects of an “academic recession.” While maintaining work with Orton-Gillingham and subject tutoring can have direct, positive impacts, research has also indicated that coaching in Executive Functioning skills can help both structurally and psychoemotionally. Practical organization skills can mitigate the effects of “pandemic stress.” We are honored to provide these and other services online for you and your family.

Under normal conditions, studies have demonstrated that students who do not engage academically over the summer can lose nearly half the knowledge they gain over the course of a school year. This phenomenon is known as “summer slide.” We’re here to help combat academic backslides by providing our tailor-made educational services year-round. In addition to summer remediation, we also provide summer enrichment by helping students plan and prepare for next year’s curriculum. For more information on COVID-19's impact on “summer slide,” see the links below:

• The COVID-19 Slide

• Researchers’ Urgent Message for Schools: Start Planning Now for a Precipitous ‘COVID Slide’ Next Year

• Will Summer Slide Become COVID-19 Avalanche?

• Pandemic Stress Has Upended Life. Maybe an ADHD Coach Can Help.

• Summer Learning Loss: What We Know and What We’re Learning

Virtual Learning Assistance

With many schools deciding to implement either hybrid or only-online curriculum through January 2021, we know that the day-to-day management of online platforms (including Canvas, Blackboard, and Google Classroom) is both stressful and more important than ever. Our Homework and Online Learning Specialists are available for both daytime and after-school hours, and are dedicated to helping your child stay on top of their classwork and homework and navigate their school's digital landscape. We know that these may be stressful times; allow us to take the navigating and micromanaging off your plate.


Speech + Language

We’re proud to have strong relationships with some of the area’s leading speech-language pathologists. Oral language skills are the backbone of strong reading and writing. The services we provide work in harmony with the skills that speech-language pathologists help develop. These include articulation, verbal formation, word retrieval, oral-motor, syntax, and vocabulary development. For more information on the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, click here.


At LINKZ, we are constantly exploring the links between academic and emotional growth. We believe that your child's emotional wellbeing is essential to finding and maintaining success in the classroom; as such, we are proud to cultivate relationships with clinicians who work in a wide variety of strength-based, de-pathologizing, trauma-informed modalities. If you believe your child could benefit from such services, you may wish to inquire about our Educational + Psychoemotional Consultation.