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After a free over-the-phone consultation, we’ll schedule you for an in-person assessment. Our Educational Diagnostician will walk you through the evaluation process and conduct industry-standard evaluations (see below). We will then construct a tailored action plan for your child. We’ll match your child with the tutors, counselors, and advocates who we think will spark the most effective results. Our 40+ Academic Specialists are highly trained, using both multi-sensory and personalized techniques. Our work is always one-on-one so you can be assured that your child is receiving the attention and care that they deserve. Whether you wish to meet at one of our offices, at your child’s school, or online via Zoom, Skype, or FaceTime, we’ll be there! We use cutting-edge assessments like:

Woodcock Johnson IV • Woodcock Reading Mastery Tests (WRMT-III) • TOWL-4 • CTOPP-2 • Gray Oral Reading Tests (GORT-5) • Nelson-Denny Reading Test (NDRT) • PAT-2: NU • RAN/RAS • TOMA 3

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Executive Functioning Consultation

Developed by the Director & CEO of LINKZ, our Executive Functioning Consultation focuses exclusively on the myriad ways that executive dysfunctioning impacts you and your family. Following an online consultation, and using data collected from you and your child through the most current inventories available, we provide customized reports that contain:

Observations and qualitative data • Data and interpretative analysis from BRIEF-2 or BRIEF-A Inventories • A customized, step-by-step treatment plan • Recommendations for how you can support your child at home

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IEP / 504 Review

At LINKZ, we take great care in ensuring that every student is given the necessary resources to succeed. Our Diagnosticians are well-versed with IEPs (Individualized Education Program) and 504 Plans, and can review them to ensure your child is receiving the proper accommodations and supports they need to succeed. We love open communication and collaboration between all stakeholders involved in a student’s education: teachers, administrators, therapists, psychiatrists, neuropsychologists, and advocates.

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Classroom Observations

We know that students act, behave, and perform differently inside the classroom. That's why it's so important to collect concrete, meaningful data through in-class observations. Our in-class observations involve sending an experienced Diagnostician to sit in on a class session and carefully observe the students during their learning activities. Our Diagnosticians have been trained in identifying signs and symptoms of potential learning differences, such as attention deficits, hyperactivity, poor memory retention, or visual / auditory processing deficits. Using that information, we're able to develop a plan to support structured interventions and individualized supports, as well as make recommendations for personalized accommodations.

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Homeschool Curriculum Implementation

Given the long-lasting impact that COVID-19 continues to have on school systems, personalized instruction is more important than ever. At LINKZ, we're here to support your homeschooling needs; we can help plan, support, supplement, and implement any curriculum you apply for and receive from your county. Whether through the school system or through homeschool instruction, our mission is always to provide specialized, tailored, one-on-one education.

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Educational + Psychoemotional Consultation

At LINKZ, we believe in addressing the interconnectedness of your child’s life: at school, at home, and socially. If you believe that anxiety, depression, or negative psychoemotional components may be affecting your child’s Executive Functioning skills, you and your family deserve to feel empowered with strategies, recommendations, and solutions. Following a two hour in-person or online consultation with your family, and using data collected from you and your child through state-of-the-art inventories, we provide customized reports that contain:

Observations and qualitative data • Data and interpretative analysis from BRIEF-2 and BRIEF-A Inventories • A customized, step-by-step treatment plan that addresses both Executive Functioning and psychoemotional needs • Recommendations for how you can support your child at home • Referrals for psychoemotional services provided by professionals suited for your child’s location and specific needs

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College + Career Consultation

Choosing the right college is a delicate balancing act - considering finances, location, accommodations, programming, extracurriculars… the list goes on. We’re honored to have helped many students and their families find that perfect fit by researching schools and tailoring the results to your family.For older students (either out of high school, still in college, or a recent college graduate), we’re happy to provide support in finding a career. We use industry-standard assessments like the MBTI + Strong and CliftonStrengths to determine possible career paths.