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Our network of educators, clinicians, advocates, educational lawyers, and other specialists spans worldwide.
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Speech + Language

We’re proud to have strong relationships with some of the area’s leading speech-language pathologists. Oral language skills are the backbone of strong reading and writing. The services we provide work in harmony with the skills that speech-language pathologists help develop. These include articulation, verbal formation, word retrieval, oral-motor, syntax, and vocabulary development. For more information on the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, click here.

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At LINKZ, we are constantly exploring the links between academic and emotional growth. We believe that your child's emotional wellbeing is essential to finding and maintaining success in the classroom; as such, we are proud to cultivate relationships with clinicians who work in a wide variety of strength-based, de-pathologizing, trauma-informed modalities. If you believe your child could benefit from such services, you may wish to inquire about our Educational + Psychoemotional Consultation.

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Legal Advocacy

We understand the importance of providing comprehensive and quality education to students. For this reason, we have established partnerships with local advocates and educational lawyers to ensure that all students have access to the resources they need to thrive. When a family comes to us and expresses a need for legal assistance or advocacy services, we work closely with our network of advocates and lawyers to provide them with referrals. These referrals are rooted in our agency’s values of equity, inclusion, and social justice. Our local advocates and lawyers are experienced in working with parents, educators, and school administrators to address a wide range of educational issues. By partnering with these professionals, we're able to ensure that students have access to a wide range of educational services and support systems. These partnerships also help to strengthen our community by instilling a sense of social responsibility and fostering a culture of advocacy and support.